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A highly effective and completely configuarble tool for monitoring, analysisng and manageing behaviour in real time. The system is completley configurable, simple, inuative and very fast.

Classroom Entry is permanent feature in every class constantly on the interactive whiteboard through the DCPro website. It’s an attractive, effective and instant behaviour management tool. It allows teachers to quickly record positive and negative behaviour. Senior leaders can see these changes live and easily see the history for any timeframe for a class, group or a particular child. To move a child up or down you simply click the arrows next to their name and picture. You can set your own categories from simple traffic lights to a more comprehensive multi-stepped process. Assign each category a colour and call them whatever you like. It is your school you decide what behaviour mangement structure you wish to use. Reports are intuitive and easy to use viewable by senior leaders and teachers instantly.

Record Incident

Record Incident record the detail of a behaviour incident. You can configure the incident recording to match your schools needs. You control all of the elements that go into an incident. Access this information in an easy to use dashbaord that allows you to look for patterns. Record any recipients (victims) of any incident allowing you to monitor any possible bullying. This information is all linked to pupil’s attendance, attainment and other behaviour data to allow a 360 degree view. It is simple, immediate and effective


Report You can place people on behaviour report. Again you control the report template(s) your school uses. You can set up multiple report templates. They all include a way of recording if a student is meeting their behavioual targets – the school can set this up to be whatever it likes. How many targets are on the report, how often they are assessed, the severity of the report and who oversees the report. Whether that be the form tutor, head of year, head of department, member of SLT or the head themselves. No more carrying around, and losing report cards, everyone who needs to know will know that a particular student is on behaviour report.

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